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Viswarupam / Vishwarupam / viswaroopam / Vishwaroopam

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Sri Krishna has shown Viswaroopam (Vishwaroopam / Vishwarupam / Viswarupam).

Sri Krishna showing Vishwaroopam In kourava Sabha when he went there as an Raayabaari, to make efforts to avoid the impending Battle or Mahaa angraaman,''You have not touched that, but gave valuable information.

Meaning= When sri Krishna Shown His Viswaroopam, all the kings in sabha fainted. Bheeshma, Drona, Vidura,sanjaya and the maharshis that came to see this Viswaroopam ONLY COULD SEE THIS ROOPAM.(Duryodhana etc all fainted)

To honor he request of Maharshis along, he has shown this Viswaroopam.

Drutarastra requested that he may also be blessed to see this Roopam, and Krishna gave him, Divya Netrams. So Viswaroopam was not SHOWN NOT FOR DURYODHANA etc.

They did not see this Viswaroopam (Vishwaroopam / Vishwarupam / Viswarupam) since they fainted. This is as per Vyasa Bharatam .